Mission Statement

To ignite newfound passions for the world of analytics – where numbers and data meet creativity and innovation. I believe in making analytics accessible and engaging for all and offering a variety of educational resources in a fun and engaging way. Furthermore, to empower the use of data to drive positive change, all while building a community of like-minded individuals who share a genuine love for this transient industry. 

Hi, I'm Somer

First and foremost, welcome to Data And A Doodle! This is a corner of the internet where you can gain your daily dose of all things analytics, strengthen skills, and ultimately meet other like-minded people along the way. As a longstanding analytics professional with a passion for numbers, I’m excited to share beyond the textbook looks into all things data/web analytics. This will be done through various written and verbal channels/tutorials that are as educational as they are fun – aka resources you actually want to engage with and take away from. Even more, this is an outlet where I hope to spark new levels of passion for the industry, inspire the use of analytics to solve real-world problems, and of course, accentuate the overall data-in-business experience.

Though I grew up with extremely humble beginnings, I found myself being drawn to things like patterns, calculations, and the art of making meaning with presented data early on.  With passion at the forefront, my career eventually jumpstarted from an internship, and I’ve since scaled as a professional in data analytics. To date, I’ve gotten my feet wet in marketing analytics and web analytics – where I’ve gained extensive A/B testing and enhanced user experiences across both B2B and B2C organizations.  

Fast forward to today, I have since bridged 10+ years of experience to create Data And A Doodle. The ‘data’ part is likely self-explanatory, but the ‘doodle’ side was influenced by my amazing little Goldendoodle Daisy. During the pandemic when online meetings were the norm, Daisy was always the star of every meeting or video call I would have to take. She was (and still is) my little shadow, and naturally, where the ‘doodle’ in the name comes from. In the end, Data And A Doodle is a passion project where all walks of life who value the integrity of numbers and data can learn, advance, and become better than they were the day before.

Outside of all this?

When I’m not keeping a firm pulse on new industry introductions and trends, you can usually find me roaming the internet, vintage shopping, taking on anything that has to do with art and interior design, and above all, spending time with the best little pup around. 

If you got this far, thanks for reading. 


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